About schoLINGUA


schoLINGUA is a language learning platform developed by Emanuel Ruckstuhl. The aim of the platform is to facilitate the learning and teaching of languages. At the moment we offer three tools which help language learners to master grammar: A conjugation trainer, conjugation tables and a cloze exercise editor.

schoLINGUA is aimed at both autodidacts and teachers with their classes. Learning content can easily be created, managed and shared. Within an educational context, the platform is therefore very well suited for individually customized homework.


Initial work on a French verb conjugation trainer has started in 2013. After intense examination of present language learning programs and learning platforms, the platform schoLINGUA was developed over the course of the year 2014. Behind the project stands the conviction that e-learning methods can lead to sustainable learning success.

schoLINGUA will continue to grow and sets its focus on...

The name schoLINGUA

The name schoLINGUA is a portmanteau of the two Latin words schola (school) and lingua (language).

Data sources

Conjugation data

For the most part, the conjugation data was manually created. The underlying infinitives come from freely available open source projects:

Translation data

The translation data comes from freely available open source projects. For the most part, it was automatically extracted:

Used open source code

JavaScript and CSS

jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Tokeninput, jQuery Tokeninput (jiacona), jQuery Tag-it!, hoverIntent, history.js, qTip2, Colorbox, Quizy Memory Game, Tiny Scrollbar, glDatePicker, CKEditor, ChartNew.js, Font Awesome, Bootstrap, Sass


Bottle, SQLAlchemy, lxml, numpy, pyDub, python-docx, Pillow, NLTK, Babel




Emanuel Ruckstuhl

Birkenweg 9

CH-6056 Kägiswil